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EDUGROSS provides e-learning solutions for learners in form of downloadable PDFs, online tests, practice sets, videos, and homework help.

PLT College, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit and non-sectarian educational institution administered by its Board of Trustees. PLT College, Inc. started as PLT Computer and Technical Services on September 1989.

English to French translation of business documents, websites, product descriptions, legal documents, pharmaceutical documents, environmental studies, mining documents, software programs, technical manuals, brochures, sales contracts, translation for governmental agencies, videos, games

Baccalaureate Classes provides well qualified and experienced IB English tutor in Gurgaon and Delhi. IB English course has two variants which are “English Literature” and “English Language and Literature”. The first assessment for these two courses will start from year 2021. The level of this course is quite high, therefore lot of students feel the need of IB English tuition.

Baccalaureate Classes provides best IB economics tutor in Delhi & NCR. We have a team of expert IB economics tutor who are well experienced and trained in tutoring this subject. Economics is a very dynamic branch of Individual & Societies which deals with the study of resources, its allocations and various methods of processes of the resources for the development of a nation.

Edugross is one of the best online education platform which provides free study material of all Class 1 To Class 12 | NCERT books | NCERT solutions | RD sharma | RS agarwal | Urdu books and Hindi books.latest CBSE syllabus, Sample Papers for students so that they can learn for free.

RES course syllabus is prepared in the context of laws, rules and regulations in Singapore governing real estate agency work and shall focus on sale and lease transactions involving HDB flats and private residential, commercial and industrial properties located in Singapore. RES course syllabus is designed to ensure real estate salespersons meet the expectations required of them.

The Central Board of Secondary Education syllabus is followed for our school. the best education provides a CBSE school in Kuwait. we are taught not education only, we are educated Self-discipline, personal development skills and games.

Download Previous Year Sample Papers Class 12 Free PDF For all Subjects | Maths | Biology | Chemistry| Physics

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Learnpod is a virtual schooling platform designed to provide an interactive, engaging, and effective online classroom experience to learn, teach, and grow. It is driven by the desire to solve real-time problems faced by schools, teachers, students and parents due to online learning. At Learnpod, we are on a mission to help schools run efficiently and to ensure that even in a virtual environment, the quality of education doesn’t get affected.

We pride ourselves on a strong commitment to thorough classroom preparation using visual objects, hands-on activities that reinforce the material taught in the classroom. We actively seek students to participate and be engaged in the classroom portion to ensure our students gain the necessary confidence, knowledge, and experience.

RPinnacle Technologies provide the best PhD research assistance to the research scholars and guide them with focussed ideas and suggestions. The PhD research assistance rendered by RPinnacle is meant for its quality, constant support, innovative ideas, novel algorithms, and organized manuscript to publish in the free standard Journals. We provide high standard Research Assistance, Paper writing, Thesis writing, PhD Guidance, Publishing services including SCI,SCOPUS, International/Conference Journal, Springer, Elsevier,TaylorFrancis,Emerald etc.,

Download Previous Year Sample Papers Class 12 Free PDF For all Subjects | Maths | Biology | Chemistry| Physics

It is our belief that the more successful we can make our students, the more successful we will be. As agents become productive and successful in building their business, they honor us with their patronage and come back to us for their renewal, continuing education, personal development and coaching courses. It’s truly a win-win situation.” Lynn Morgan, co-owner The Real Estate School of Business

Download Previous Year Sample Papers Class 12 Free PDF For all Subjects | Maths | Biology | Chemistry| Physics

MNR Aviation is one of the best airport management course in Hyderabad . Also known for Institutes For Aviation, Air Hostess, Pilot Training, Airline Ticketing, Airport Ground Staff Training, Hospitality Management with placements.